• Winenut.TV ep. 25 Christmas: Twenty, thirty and fourty year old Tawny Port….

    Today a special Christmas episode with old Tawny ports ! Graham’s 20,30 & 40 year old. All available at Wijnkring

  • Winenut.TV ep. 24 My best Piemonte QPR..!

    It took a lot of time before this episode came online. There were a lot technical difficulties ( I will spare you the details). A couple of weeks ago I asked you guys and dolls on my twitter @WijngekTV which region you would like to see in this episode. Piemonte won, so here we go…. …

  • Winenut.TV ep. 23 The Wines of Frank & Sebastian John

    Today a special episode with Sebastian John of Frank John wines. A wonderful producer from the Pfalz region. We get the opportunity to taste some very special wines. All biodynamic and made with a lot of care. Next to the Pinot Noir and the Sekt Brut, we wil taste the just bottled Riesling.. Frank John …

  • Winenut.TV ep 22 The new stars: Terra Alta en Emporda

    These Northern Spain area are making modern wines. The reds are beautifully balanced with great fruit, without wood and nice acid. The whites are ripe, steely and have some complexity.. Let’s see how these two rock the house… Jaspi Blanc Terra Alta 2013 Tocat De L’ Ala Emporda 2013